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It is using multiple email subjects including but not limited to: The scale of this campaign suggests that the threat is ultimately empty: between August 11 to 18, over 33,500 related emails were captured by our systems.

While no threat can be completely discounted, the compromise of personal information for this many individuals would constitute a significant breach of one or more websites yet no activity of this nature has been reported or identified in recent weeks.

Recently, Forcepoint Security Labs have encountered a strain of scam emails that attempts to extort money out of users from Australia and France, among other countries.

Cyber-extortion is a prevalent cybercrime tactic today wherein digital assets of users and organizations are held hostage in order to extract money out of the victims.

It is important for users to verify claims from the Internet before acting on them.

Most online attacks today require a user's mistake (i.e.

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Of course, since we, at the same time, have been doing the same thing to our partner (that is, laying our past on them), we must also inevitably return to our own past.

Meanwhile, we have observed that company emails of individuals were specifically targeted.

This would have added additional pressure to would-be victims since it implies that a recipient’s work PC was infected and may therefore taint one’s professional image.

You will be able to see your partner more clearly for who they really are.

This can result in a positive regard which is much more realistic and stable This time the positive is not the positive fantasy that grows from negative fantasy.