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To take what we've learned from people like Clive Davis and such is just so crucial.I can listen to the album in the car and be proud of it. Overaccessorizing was a big deal back then, and everything was just too bulky and big. I won't ever wear a leather suit again under hot lighting.In the final week before the most important election of our time, Drag Race judge Lucian Piane lost his god damn mind, Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks shook the racists at the CMAs, and Nick Jonas showed off his ab crack.Now make sure you catch up on Instagram before the world ends on Tuesday: [...] This week the gays geared up for the Looking movie premiere tomorrow night, Ted Cruz finally self-destructed, and the country started falling apart before our eyes. ) and let it out with a double-tap spree on Instagram.Not that I wasn't before, but I really homed in on it over the last 10 years. Jacob: I went through a rough patch and got beat up a lot, so I think humility is the strongest lesson that I learned. Even stepping out of the limelight for a little bit allowed me to fall in love [with music] in a whole different way again. Erik-Michael: We've all changed immensely, and before I was a little more headstrong. 1s, and enough screaming girls to make you go deaf, O-Town seemed destined for success.While Dan Miller was off celebrating his 10-year anniversary with his wife, I caught up with Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick and Jacob Underwood to talk ridiculous millennial fashion, life outside the spotlight, and even the possibility of dating me (oh boy).(from left) Dan Miller, Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, and Trevor Penick. Erik-Michael stayed in Orlando with Dan out there, and then I went to L. At that point, things didn't seem so far-fetched anymore.

The band will tour without member Ashley Parker Angel, who amicably O-Town's tour stretch will hit eight dates starting in Connecticut on January 8, and will run until January 16 in Portland, Maine.

Whereas Trevor has gained more confidence performing, I've probably lost some confidence performing because I haven't done it in so long. When you're young, you just kind of go at it with reckless abandon, but now all of the sudden there's all this reality, so it increases the nerves unfortunately. Maybe we should have an O-Town dating game and see which one of you wants to go out with me! Jacob: I'm in San Diego, so you'd definitely have more fun down here!

But at the same time, anything worth having in life involves taking a risk.

[...] LGBT Pride Month is officially over but the summer (and shirtless weather) rages on.

In a week that brought us a murderous Welsh drag queen, the demise of Calum Mc Swiggan, and a naked male model losing his mind in Times Square, here’s what happened on Instagram: Milk went orange! (He also [...] This week, Russell Tovey asked for your urgent help, footballer Fabio Ceravolo showed off his goal post and Michael Phelps showed us he’s back in action.