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The most recent version of this Handbook can be downloaded from the ACP website (Repository section), Global Database of Frequency assignments for VHF COM.Price: 95 USD Description: Which type of movements?First the data are from OAG traffic flow for year 2015: 33,218,407 total movements (depart and arrival) for the year (domestic and International) and if you make a segmentation (clipping all the flight path with the ICAO FIR you obtain 104,969,637 total movements for 2015) because some flight path are devised in 3,4,5 or more dependent of the number of crossing FIR.History: Global 5 Letter Name Code (5LNC) Official source start from the Green Book each ICAO REGION receive by paper the list of new code 5LNC to use in the creation of the new route, The ICAO GIS Services create a Database to manage this processes; so an electronic database and geographical representation GIS Services is use around the world in real time.This information (about 102632 5lnc) is available for the public in the ESRI format shape file provide by Email when you order, Files send to you: ICARD ORACLE database convert to shape file always up-to-date 5(102632 points 6 July 2016) Price: 0 ICAO World ATS Route are critical elements in the planning activity of Aviation.