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Elisabeth, 35, explained on the BUILD Series that Top Of The Lake 'is not a procedural show.It's, you know - we used to joke in the, in New Zealand on the first one that we were not making, you know, CSI: NZ, you know, it was - because we don't know how to do that.Earlier in the day, the three actresses posed together before a BUILD Series interview, with Jane briefly popping in at the end of the talk. There's no other way around it.'She went on to say that 'I just think women are so funny, and so amazing, and mean some of our best comedians, and I just love being with them, and so it's not - you know, we're not trying to sell a difficult thing here.' The first season of Top Of The Lake, which had been broadcast in 2013, was co-created by Jane and Gerard Lee and co-directed by Jane and Garth Davis.Jane said: 'I think what's really important is that the shows that we do are really entertaining, and that they're f***ing good. Though at the time that season was thought to be a one-off, China Girl is the second installment, and Jane has co-directed it alongside Ariel Kleiman.At the beginning of , Robin is celibate, but that doesn’t stick. I think that she’s just so burned and that she’s protecting herself.She just doesn’t want to be vulnerable, in any way and with anyone, whether it’s a sexual partner or a friend.I’m not interested in one-dimensional characters and stories. Do you see any thematic through-lines in the work that you do? These are the through-lines of our existence, so yeah, I absolutely see them.It’s what I’m interested in, as a person, and usually what you’re interested in, as a person, is also what you’re interested in, as an artist. We loved it and we tried to do our best with it and do it justice.

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We took it personally, and the fact that everyone else took it personally was just so awesome. I don’t know if I believe anyone when they say that.But Gwendoline, 38, who at 6ft3in is a full foot taller than Elisabeth, bumped up her own stature with a pair of black heels.Also eye-catching was her asymmetrical Vivienne Westwood white wrap top, which fell down her right side all the way to the floor. The Game of Thrones star split her wavy hay-colored tresses down the center and opted for pale rose lipstick for her turn on the red carpet.The six-hour story also stars Gwendoline Christie, Nicole Kidman, Alice Englert, David Dencik and Ewen Leslie.During a small roundtable to promote the return of has moved so many people, sex scenes, identifying as a feminist, and finding her own voice. It really is my passion, ever since I was a little girl.