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RBC provides the RBC RSS feeds for your personal, non-commercial use and for informational purposes only.

You cannot edit or modify any content of the RBC RSS feeds.

It is your responsibility to review the security and privacy standards, the systems compatibility and the terms of your access method.

RBC reserves the right to remove, change or discontinue the RBC RSS feeds or the content of the RBC RSS feeds at anytime and with no prior notice, or to require you to discontinue your access to or use of the RBC RSS feeds.

There are many different versions of news readers - some can be used through a browser, and some are downloadable applications.

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You may turn it off using Firefox preferences as well if you prefer that option: A value of true means Highlights is enabled, a value of false that the feature is disabled.

Highlights differ from top sites in two distinct ways: Mozilla added options to the Tab Page of Firefox to disable the Highlights functionality.

Some users may find it distracting or unneeded; if you are one of them, you can do the following to turn it off: The entire Highlights section is removed immediately.

Tip: Find out how to load any about:config entry directly.

You may add the preference to your Firefox configuration file, or use it when you deploy Firefox.