Live naked

But what if all we know of them hadn’t happened, the last 20 years got all messed up, and the only solution was magic?

After the death of a mysterious fan, the guys discover they are the inheritors of the keys to a rambling dilapidated villa in Ponsonby.

Naked's new, quartet formation, features Branislav Radojkovic (bass), Goran Milosevic (drums, percussions), Djordje Mijuskovic (violin), Rastko Uzunovic (clarinet, sax).

Naked realesed tree albums: "Noyz" 2008 Multikultivator (Serbia) "get Naked" 2011 Narrator records (Hungary) “Nakedonia” 2015 Narrator records (Hungary) In a few years of existence, Naked noted many appearances at important festivals in the country and in abroad.Naked's fiercely corpulent mix of traditional music heritage from the Balkans with swing and free- jazz is the soundtrack to band’s everlasting quest for true music identity.Spring of 2015, Naked welcomes with a 3rd studio album „Nakedonia“ [second for Hungarian label Narator Records] and new formation.The South African Depression and Anxiety Group is my charity of choice.So many people I know and love dearly are affected by these mental health issues and I'm so glad to have joined with @marieclairesa to stop the stigma and raise awareness.