New updating proxy servers

This article applies to version 5.x and earlier ESET business products.

If you are not sure about which version of Configure you are using, see Which version of Configure am I using? An alternative procedure about what to do with FS150/150Pro is available.

We recommend that you do not allow the rules database to become dated, as much damage is caused by zero-day infections — those threats that are too new to be adequately protected against by anti-virus software.

You also have the option to check for program updates when checking for database updates, or limiting the check to database updates only.

This article describes the basic points that need to be addressed to allow Palo Alto Networks updates through the proxy server.

This traffic could also include Palo Alto Networks traffic updates.

Comfort Update will now update your installation to the latest version, updating also the database in order to reflect the new (possible) changes.

If you want to disable Comfort Update in order not to get the New release available popup messages after each new release, you can add the following option to your "config.php" file (which is located in /limesurvey/application/config): If you get a blank page on step 3, it usually means that the memory limit of your PHP configuration is set too low.

If either of the proxy settings are checked, run antivirus software after unchecking them.

Version 6 of ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) and ESET business products were released in North America December 11th, 2014, and globally February 25th, 2015.