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In fact, I’d say that’s the main thrust of queer life here – demographically we have far more female-identified LGBT residents than men, and a lot of people cohabitating and/or raising children.

Five Nightclub Formerly known as Club 5, this baby lives a little further off the beaten path, toward the South Side, and has been around for what feels like forever.There are carved wooden bears out front, in case you weren’t sure.They don’t hate on ladies who come in for drinks (unless you act like a jerk, I guess), but you will be very much in the minority here and might earn a side-eye or two.Lots of straight folks cruisin’ up in here, especially on “Ladies Night” (first Fridays).Music tends toward Top 40 dance hits, though the occasional touring (or local) DJ will come in and shake things up (like when Kitty Bump comes in from MN, and aaaalll the queer ladies come out).