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Synopsis: A young farm couple from a Dolcette (girl meat) farm are recruited by the wealthy owner of a Dinner Club Pleasure Centre complex.

As key members of the staff, they embark on a journey of mayhem, mirth and adventure while meeting and befriending a colourful group of characters along the way.

Farming Dolcettes Dolcettes Joey had just finished cleaning out a stall of one of the meat girls when Linda came in.

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They found that it was generally easier to raise this new livestock and the financial returns were enormous compared to cattle. Again the rich were feeding off the masses, this time in a literal sense.

Early in the 21 st century the United States went bankrupt.

The out of control budget deficit and the economic mismanagement had finally caught up with the arrogant government and the nation fell.

He was able to repay all the outstanding loans and turn a small profit.

Next year's sales would put him and his family on easy street.