Zoe dating for parents

(The Gambler) Wade finally admits that there was more to it than he initally stated.They breakup in 2x16 in the town square after Wanda and Tom's wedding (Where I Lead Me).Zoe immediately regrets it, telling him that it was a mistake.In the end of the episode, Wade tells Zoe that he is in love with her, and she tells him that she is going to New York for the summer. Smitten with Zoe from the very beginning (Pilot), Tom continues to make his availability known to her, though she's apparently told him repeatedly that he's too young for her.Harley Wilkes died four months previously, and that he had mysteriously left his practice to her.But this wasn't without it's complications - Harley had only left Zoe his half of the practice, which he shared with Dr.Though Zoe passed him off early on, she's continually seeing different sides of him she hadn't expected, and their relationship continues to evolve.Wade was able to make Zoe smile after the incident with Judson and Gigi (Homecoming & Coming Home), and later asks to buy her a drink, to which Zoe smiles and asks for a rain check (Hairdos & Holidays).

After saving a baby goat caught in barbwire, they agree that having sex might clear everything up.In the fallout, her boyfriend, who did his residency at the same hospital, New York Hospital, as Zoe (as well as Zoe's father, previously), dumps her because she would rather talk about work than his day. To Zoe's indignation, her Chief of Surgery recommends she spend the next twelve months as a general practitioner, and warns her she needs to improve her bedside manner, to see people as people, not puzzles to solve.Unfortunately for Zoe, there are no general practitioner positions available in New York City .According to Zoe's mother, when Zoe was ten she fell off a swing and the doctors believed she would need a blood transfusion- when it turned out Ethan 's blood didn't match Zoe's, it was revealed (unknowingly to ten-year old Zoe) he was not her biological father.Zoe's mother describes Ethan Hart as a man who can't handle complications, and though, he tried to stay a part of Zoe's life, he didn't feel up to the task. Later, when Zoe realized Ethan was not her biological father, she would refer to this incident as "why Dad stopped loving me".